Daniel Paul, Managing Partner at BoulderThinking discussed how they used Fireflies in BoulderThinking to remain even more connected while working from home and improve the quality of their follow-ups with the accurate transcriptions.

About BoulderThinking

BoulderThinking is a digital consultancy and Daniel is the managing partner. His job is to ensure that their clients are getting what they need from their teams. They help companies maximize their digital marketing efforts.

Daniel Paul, Managing Partner at BoulderThinking
Daniel Paul, Managing Partner at BoulderThinking


They wanted to make sure that they looked professional while capturing the information their clients were sharing.

Most of their business is done through conference calls, so someone always had to take notes. But that was cause of distraction and a lot of times important information was missed.

Impact of the Problem

They kept missing things because most of the times they weren't sure of the tone of how they were being expressed. Taking notes in a meeting is a complex process and they were taking a lot of risks due to lack to clarity, which was resulting in lack of focus and important points being missed.


Fireflies and BoulderThinking worked together for better productivity

Initially, Daniel was hesitant about privacy, and reliability and wondered if it would actually work or not. But after a demo, he knew that this was the tool he was really looking for.


They saw an increase in productivity after using Fireflies. Having the recording and transcripts made the follow-ups easier and improved the quality of their service.

Fireflies keeps the team of BoulderThinking even more connected and productive while working from home, by making follow ups much simple and convenient, due to the accurate transcripts.

- Daniel Paul, Managing Partner at BoulderThinking

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