Shiv Devinarayanan, CEO & Founder at Dazeworks discussed how they are able to focus better on the actual conversations with his remote team members as well as his clients using Fireflies to take care of jotting down the important points on his behalf.

About Dazeworks

Dazeworks enables organizations with the right strategy, solutions, and talent to leverage the power of the Salesforce platform. They are a Platinum consulting partner for Salesforce. They truly believe that technology can make the world better.

Shiv is the Chief Ninja at the company and works with an amazing team of developers, architects, and consultants - each a ninja in their own way.

Shiv Devinarayanan, CEO & Founder at Dazeworks
Shiv Devinarayanan, CEO & Founder at Dazeworks


Dazeworks have a globally dispersed team spread out over 9 locations on the map. This means they also have members on calls who are not from the same location. Shiv's calendar is generally packed with calls - with his team, clients and partners. Taking notes and following them through was becoming a time-consuming task in itself for him.

Impact of the Problem

Earlier, Shiv used the recording feature from zoom. However, jumping from calls to calls, it was becoming difficult for him to effectively keep track of action items of all project stakeholders and build accountability.


The Remote Team At Dazeworks Have Meaningful and Engaged Conversations Using Fireflies

Shiv heard about Fireflies through a friend and considered trying it out. The automatic transcript feature was a great value-add and made picking up relevant information very easy.


He can now focus on having actual, meaningful, and fully engaged conversations with his team, clients and partners, in turn having more productive meetings. And thanks to the automatic transcription feature, there is no need for listening to recordings to find out what was discussed.

With Fireflies, I no longer have to worry about missing a piece of important information.

- Shiv Devinarayanan, CEO & Founder at Dazeworks

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