Mark Lennon, Marketing Managing Partner at Espresso B2B described how they replaced multiple meeting tools with one, seamless tool –!


Espresso is a B2B marketing agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They help their clients to grow their businesses using a variety of digital marketing strategies. Mark Lennon leads the company.

Mark Lennon, Marketing Managing Partner at Espresso B2B


Espresso B2B used multiple meeting tools to record and transcribe online meetings and they use these records to share with meeting participants and team members who couldn't attend their calls. For their own meetings, they use Zoom, however, their clients use a variety of different web conferencing services. If the meeting wasn't initiated by Espresso B2B, they had to use a 3rd party recording tool to record the call. Additionally, they also had to remember to turn the recording tool on and off at the start and end of the meeting.


During a meeting, it is hard to remember to turn on the recording tool. The company's online meeting software company also charges a lot for storing recordings in their cloud.


Fireflies + Espresso B2B

The company decided to try Fireflies because it represented an opportunity to replace multiple tools. They were also wondering if a newer technology might do a better job of transcribing meetings than our existing tool.


They found Fireflies to be a seamless solution to all the issues that they were looking to solve for their meetings.

Once you set-up Fireflies, it records and transcribes all meetings. Even meetings that we didn't initiate. We no longer have to remember to start and stop the recording software. It's seamless.

- Mark Lennon, Marketing Managing Partner at Espresso B2B

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