Whether you want to schedule your meetings or take notes, it can be a tedious process. We're partnering with x.ai to automate two of the most time consuming aspects of your workday. Starting today, any meetings you schedule on x.ai can be automatically recorded and transcribed via fireflies.ai.

Our AI assistant, Fred, will be able to coordinate with x.ai's assistant, Amy, to make sure you're meetings never slip through the cracks.

Get ready for a whole new level of meeting productivity!

How it works:

Option 1: Direct Scheduling

You can now schedule meetings from the Fireflies.ai dashboard. On the welcome screen, select schedule meeting and choose x.ai as the option.

You'll be directed to an x.ai scheduling screen where fred@fireflies.ai will be added as a default participant.

Any time fred@fireflies is invited to a meeting via x.ai, whether through the Fireflies dashboard or manually, Fred will be automatically approved as a participant.

Make sure there is a video-conferencing link on the x.ai cal invite. At the start of the meeting, Fred will join your video conferencing call to capture and transcribe notes.

Option 2: Automatic Integration

Users can also turn on the fireflies.ai integration for every scheduled meeting in x.ai. This will make Fireflies a default participant.

Visit https://app.fireflies.ai/integrations/calendaring/xai

Select activate via x.ai

You'll be directed to a screen in x.ai where you can select x.ai as the default option for recording & transcribing meetings.

With x.ai + fireflies.ai integration, meeting scheduling & note-taking will be a breeze.  You'll have 2 AI assistants working in the background, automating all the busy work. Get started with that VIP treatment here :)