Alex Bass, CEO and Founder at CyberBytes talks about how Fireflies helps them give their full attention to their clients during client calls.

Alex Bass, CEO and Founder at CyberBytes Inc.


CyberBytes help companies run more efficiently by implementing and integrating software + automations for Copper CRM. Alex handles much of the company sales and operations and he helps the team with client discovery meetings and diagnosis phase, where they discuss the foundational software and integration architecture to solve their clients' needs.

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CyberBytes constantly have sales meetings with potential clients, discovery calls with clients, and product feedback sessions with their software partners. They needed a standardized way to:

  • record and transcribe these conversations and to reference them at a later point in time, and to
  • log these calls and recordings into their CRM, which was an incredibly manual process.

When building out the architecture, it was also common that they would forget something that their client mentioned over the call.


Collating information after the meeting was painstaking and logging their calls to their CRM takes up time.

Figuring out where to get that information was a massive pain. Were the details in the CRM? Recorded locally on the computer? Uploaded in Google Photos? Everyone had their own way of taking notes and recording calls.

- Alex Bass, CEO and Founder at CyberBytes Inc.


Fireflies + CyberBytes Inc.

Alex found out about Fireflies from Product Hunt and used it. There was a bit of apprehension because the company was not sure whether their potential clients would be okay with them recording their calls.


The company's calls are now automatically logged in their CRM and is accessible across their entire team.

We have the peace of mind that the transcription will exist so that we can focus fully on our client calls and listen to them, instead of focusing on taking notes while they are talking. It allows us to be more present and in turn allows us to give our clients a better experience.

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