Jorel Minuk, Senior Account Manager at Exchange Agency talks about how he uses Fireflies to have efficient client meetings.

About Exchange Agency

Exchange Agency is a digital media agency that specializes in PPC advertising. As Senior Account Manager, Jorel is responsible for facilitating client success and future campaigns including hosting meetings with clients (often remotely), campaign reporting and optimization, as well as brainstorming creative ideas for new/upcoming campaigns.

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  • Industry Marketing & Advertising
  • Headquarters Winnipeg, Manitoba

Problem Faced By The Exchange Agency

Being a digital agency, Exchange Agency often works remotely with their clients. Taking notes while having a conversation can often slow down their conversations for busy clients.

Impact of The Problem

Important notes would sometimes be missed during a conversation, as they would get caught up in formulating the perfect response to an unexpected question. Often, their issue would also result in missing important feedback or questions during the meeting.

Solution - Action Items by Fireflies!

Jorel heard about Fireflies from the "Social Media Marketing" podcast on Spotify and decided to try it out.


Hosting meetings is now easier for Jorel and it has also become easier to list down action items after a meeting.

Having client meetings is a breeze with Fireflies. Important details and feedback are never missed.

- Jorel Minuk, Senior Account Manager at Exchange Agency

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