At the base level of the Fireflies offering is the ability to transcribe calls. Fireflies can either auto-record scheduled web-conference meetings or users can upload pre-recorded files to be transcribed.

These meetings can then be automatically saved to the CRMs you use.

A wide variety of people use our call transcription solutions across a variety of domains.

Who Uses Fireflies Call Transcription

  1. Sales Reps
  2. Recruiters
  3. Customer Success Managers
  4. Managers & Executives
  5. Agencies: Consultants
  6. Education: Students & Professors
  7. Enterprise Teams: Call Centers, Sales Organizations, etc

What Are The Different Use Cases For Fireflies

  1. Discovery & Qualification Calls
  2. Product Demos
  3. Closing Sales Calls
  4. Candidate Interviews
  5. Client Kickoff Calls
  6. Coaching & Consulting Sessions
  7. Internal Meetings
  8. User Interviews
  9. Lectures & Presentations

Show Me How I Can Get Started

  1. Get started for free here

What Solutions Do You Offer To Organizations

  1. Sales Enablement Solutions (Request Info)
  2. Sales Operations Solutions (Request Info)
  3. Customer Support & Contact Center Solutions (Request Info)
  4. Voice of the Customer Solutions (Request Info)