Brent Maxwell, Co-Founder and CTO of Style Arcade explained how they used Fireflies to get accurate follow-ups for their data integration and improve the overall business.

About Style Arcade

Style Arcade is an analytics tool that guides fashion retailers on how they can improve their product performance, making their customers happier and helping them grow their revenue.


They have lots of meetings and it's hard to take notes and ensure the rich context is included when discussing data integration with customers. Brent was trying to find a tool that could helps them simplify this.

Impact of the Problem

They would have a lot of back-and-forth when onboarding customers, because things would get missed from the meetings where they were exploring their customer's data and how their business works. This slowed them down, because their customers couldn't get access to Style Arcade as quickly, and Style Arcade couldn't start billing as early.


Brent found Fireflies during an interview when he saw a candidate using it. He decided to give it a try through demo, and he loved it.


Fireflies now helps them track what was said in meetings, so they can ensure accurate follow ups in their complicated data integration exercises.

Fireflies speeds up Style Arcade's customer on-boarding process leading to happier customers, more revenue, and better insights around what their users need.

- Brent Maxwell, Co-Founder and CTO of Style Arcade

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