13 Actionable Tips For Closing More Sales Deals

13 Actionable Tips For Closing More Sales Deals

Krish Ramineni

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Sales is an important part of the selling process in any business. A lot of salespeople sail through the sales process quite easily but fail at going through with it. What you do at the end of the cycle, is the most important part of making or breaking the deal.

Going from prospecting to discover calls to booking meetings for Account Execs is a time-consuming process. Here, we have outlined 13 tips for closing more sales deals, which can guarantee you success. There are many tools and software out there which can help in carrying out the task as efficiently as possible. However, nothing can do the most important step for you - building a relationship with the customer. Follow these tips and win your customers.

Best Ways to Close More Sales Deals

1. Social selling and expanding your influence

Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to emphasize social selling and influence. Your social media presence is a way to engage with prospects, gain credibility, and explore different industry perspectives. But how exactly?

Thankfully, with the proliferation of social media tools, it’s easy to do this. From blog writing and sharing LinkedIn articles to live Facebook streams and Instagram posts, a SDR is able to use social media to be more successful in the long run. A great start would be to share more posts from thought leaders in the field. This is one of the best ways to increase the chances of closing more sales deals since it will increase the brand recall.

PRO TIP: Program bots to pull from RSS feeds will let you stay active on social media and gain leads.

2. Listen for key signals on qualification calls

Most people think “selling” is the same as “talking”. But the most effective salespeople know that listening is the most important part of their job.

- Roy Bartell

Active listening is vital to an SDR success. Sales is one of the most important use case of Fireflies app. Here is an interesting fact that we found out through a basic study:

Folks using Fireflies for recording calls and getting audio transcription typically see trends where the prospect is talking for 50%-60% of the call.

The idea is to get inside the other person’s head. Focus on the key signals in a conversation to better engage with prospects. An active listener learns everything about the stories people tell.

Highlight and tie everything back to the priorities of the conversation. As a sales rep, your priorities include meeting quota, closing the deal, getting commission or promotions, not getting rejected, and sending follows up. That’s not the case of your prospect. Figure out what their day to day worries are.

3. Tailor the narrative to your customer persona

SDRs are notorious for falling into the trap of memorized spiels. Once they’ve gotten their prospect to open up, they fail to relate and jump straight into their sales pitch. What was an opportunity to uniquely connect on a more personable level becomes an all too memorized spiel.

Strong narratives influence buyer’s decisions. Adapt your approach based on the key signals you honed in on — your pitch should be based on the conversation you had not your need to sell. All outstanding products have a compelling story that connects data and technology with the client’s needs. In other words, to be able to close deals successfully as a SDR, be a storyteller and tailor the narrative to your prospect.

4. Remain focused on the outcome

It’s all too easy to become discouraged in a competitive, cutthroat environment like sales. Successful SDRs are able to learn from rejection and focus their energies onto the next call. It’s important to be consistent and persistent, even when you don’t get a response the first time.

PRO TIP: Be careful not to push too hard when the timing is not right.

5. Utilize video prospecting to stand out

Successful SDRs have familiarized themselves with ‘video prospecting.’ There are many tools to use to create short and engaging clips (no more than two minutes) that help you:

‣ Practice your elevator pitch

  • Introduce yourself, deliver value (with a quick tip), and ask to schedule a call

‣ Mini Sales Demos

  • Showcase specific product features that tie back to the prospect’s ROI. Familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of your product and connect to your client’s unique needs.

The idea isn’t to be an Oscar-worthy videographer or produce a super technical video. You aim should be being comfortable presenting on screen so that it translates in person. Practice, after all, makes perfect.

PRO TIP: Our CEO at Fireflies.ai uses Loom for this purpose.

6. Ensure every touch point is customized outreach

To qualify, define, and demonstrate your product and services’ fit to your prospects needs, organize your discovery questions in this order:

Goals -> Timeline -> Plan -> Challenges

‣ What are your Goals,

‣ What is your Timeline,

‣ What is your Plan to achieve your goals, and, finally,

‣ What are your Challenges?

This is a reworking of HubSpot’s GPCT that provides an opportunity to assess your prospect’s true needs by structuring the conversation in an actionable manner. By using this customized outreach each meeting, you can have a unique way to encourage your prospect to talk about where they are and where they want to be, increasing your chance of closing the sales deal.

7. Leave clear voicemails with a clear value proposition

Clear voicemails directly convey who you are and the purpose of the call. Quality voicemails increase your probability of getting a callback. Don’t waste your time and their time with pleasantries. Get to the point and spend your time illustrating why you can help them.

PRO TIP: A clear voicemail with a clear value proposition includes the 5Ws:

  1. Who you are
  2. What company you work for
  3. When the meeting is taking place
  4. Where the meeting is taking place (if necessary)
  5. Why you are meeting (briefly talk about your product)

8. Book more live events

Live events are beneficial to SDRs for multiple reasons. For one, live events enable you to familiarize yourself with the latest products. Doing this leads to connecting with prospective leads and eventually building your network.

PRO TIP: Have business cards ready to pass out at live events that your target market frequents.

9. Share knowledge by leveraging what’s working with your team

No man is an island — It’s important to identify what’s working with your team to promote rich and open communication and situational awareness for more sales. Though indirect, but this is one of the most important tip for closing more sales deals: Share your best practices with knowledge management and team wikis. You perform best when you are in sync with the entire team and management.

Be open and receptive to your managers and fellow SDRs when starting off on your first day and throughout your career. Ask them to share their team wiki with you.

Knowledge management provides SDRs with a set of tools, techniques, methods, attitudes, and ways of working to make and improve connections.

10. Power your workflow with sales automation tools like power dialers

Today, software is designed to minimize your tasks so you can focus on being more successful. Many apps integrate themselves into your call flow and generate more sales with features like one-click dialing, inbound call routing, list prioritization, and call monitoring.

PowerDialer is a great example of this call software, efficiently allowing SDRs to focus on making connections.

11. Keep refining your qualification script

Sales rep should spend their time identifying the most qualified prospect for their product. A successful SDR utilizes sales qualification frameworks to qualify prospects. Here are the most popular frameworks for qualification:

‣BANT: Budget, Authority, Needs, and Time

‣MEDDIC: Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Identify Pain, Champion

‣SPIN: Situation, Problem, Implication, Need-Payoff

12. Do your prospect research before the first interaction

Before talking to your prospect, do your research. Research will help you identify your ideal customer profile, answer the ‘duh’ questions you might otherwise ask your prospect, prevent false evidence, and allows you to come off as genuine and helpful.

Optimize your call script to your client’s background (education, product awareness, attitude) through online research (social media profile, blogs, publications). By tweaking your sales demo based on your client’s background through prior online research, you let them know that you’ve done your homework and are serious about helping them. This is the best way to close a deal because you are showing that you care about your customer and this relationship building will serve them in future as well. Data tracking or analyzing metrics such as who’s opened your email or who has a fast response time will help you focus where to direct your efforts.

You’ll know you’re ready to meet the prospect when you’re able to answer their 6W’s. Learn more about how the 6W’s can help you learn more about your buyer here.

PRO TIP: Be aware of your client’s location. Tailoring your conversation to your prospect’s unique culture or city can help you stand out from the rest.

13. Learn to stay on top of your CRM data entry with best practices

According to Salesforce, 30% of rep time is spent on data entry and admin. CRMs help you make the most of your timing, stay on top of new leads and be dedicated to following up in a timely manner.

An easy to use CRM can help you make the most of your timing, stay on top of new leads and be dedicated to following up in a timely manner.

With an automated meeting transcription platform, managing every single conversation, getting ai meeting notes, and data synced to your CRM makes life a lot easier. Try Fireflies app today so that you can focus on what is really important - closing that sales deal and growing the business.

Now you're spending less time doing data entry or living inside your CRM. You can spend more time talking to prospects or focusing on selling activities like emails and calls instead of letting data fall through the cracks.

In short,

  1. Social Selling and expanding your influence
  2. Listen for key signals on qualification calls
  3. Tailor the narrative to your customer persona
  4. Remain focused on the outcome
  5. Utilize video prospecting to stand out
  6. Ensure every touchpoint is highly customized outreach
  7. Leave clear voicemails with a real value proposition
  8. Book more live events
  9. Share knowledge by leveraging what’s working with your team
  10. Power your workflow with sales automation tools like power dialers
  11. Keep refining your qualification script
  12. Do your prospect research before your first interaction
  13. Learn to stay on top of your CRM data entry with best practices

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