CEO of Lunchpool, Alex Abell, shares how their company uses Fireflies for effective team meetings and to keep track of meeting notes and action items.


Lunchpool is a platform that allows users to easily network and build professional connections over your lunch break hour. Similar to the concept of carpooling, their app helps you find other coworkers and colleagues that can help you be happier, healthier and more productive!

Alex Abel, CEO and Founder of
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Lunchpool struggled with having really effective discussions in team meetings, while trying to keep up with notes and action items.


It takes a lot of time storing and organizing notes from team meetings that it was causing Lunchpool to loose important information.


Alex learned about Fireflies from a mutual friend. They recommended it as a way to keep up with meeting notes. Initially, he was not sure whether Fireflies was right for them and if it would be able to do what he wanted. He decided to use it because of the transcription feature. This allowed them to have the option to listen to call recaps or read the transcript.


Lunchpool can mow focus on conversations during their team meetings. They're a lot more organized and they can easily keep track of meeting notes and action items.

With Fireflies, we’ve been a lot more organized and it’s now easier than ever to keep up with all those juicy notes from meetings.

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