Lukas Haensch, who handles sales at Pathmonk talked about how they were able to understand their winning factors in the calls and increased their cal success rate by 46%.

About Pathmonk

Pathmonk is an Artificial Intelligence website-plugin to increase demos, trials, leads, sales etc. with zero changes to the website required - using intelligent in-web notifications, installed with one click, that keep improving over time.

They understand that many companies struggle to grow or convert leads through the website.

Lukas Haensch, Sales at Pathmonk
Lukas Haensch, Sales at Pathmonk


They wanted to make sure that their team is following the sales process - really addressing client questions and to see if the next steps are timed well.

Impact of the Problem

They did not have a crystal clear overview into why certain calls work great and other's less. They needed a way to review these calls and analyze them in a detailed manner.


Pathmonk uses fireflies to increase their call success rate by 46%

Lukas came across Fireflies when he was in a different call, and found that this was the solution they needed to solve their issues and he scheduled a demo.


They can now have weekly review on calls. They also identified good and bad keywords with Fireflies.

With Fireflies, we were able to increase call success rate by 46% because we could analyse what was working for us and what wasn't

- Lukas Haensch, Sales at Pathmonk

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