Benjamin Osgood, Founder of Recreate Commercial Real Estate, explains how he was able to reduce time spent in sorting meeting notes by more than 75% to focus on more important things and provide the best quality service.

About Recreate Commercial Real Estate

Recreate Commercial Real Estate is a full-service commercial real estate firm that specializes in representing office tenants.

Benjamin Osgood, Founder of Recreate Commercial Real Estate


They would often have zoom meetings which involved many stakeholders such as their client, other brokers, attorneys, architects, landlords, interior designers or general contractors. They had no way of keeping a track of the meeting, and whenever they tried something, it was time-consuming and created confusion.

Impact of the Problem

It was a lot of work to capture thoughts and tasks from such a large group, during meetings that could last an hour or longer. Due to this, there were many issues they faced like missed information, inaccurate information, doubts, etc.


Benjamin came across someone from his circle using Fireflies and decided to give it a try. He found Fireflies to be perfect for his requirement.


Using Fireflies, they were able to reduce the time sorting out the meeting notes by more than 75%. This helped them actually focus on the important things discussed in the meeting.

We now only need to spend about 10 minutes cleaning up notes that otherwise would take 45 minutes to an hour.

- Benjamin Osgood, Founder of Recreate Commercial Real Estate

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