Shreyansh Sanghani, Founder of SKS Enterpprises, talks about how Fireflies helped them nail the client meetings and the interview scheduling process.

About SKS Enterpprises

SKS Enterprises is in the recruitment domain and they believe in hiring the best of the rest for our clients.

Shreyansh Sanghani, Founder of SKS Enterpprises
Shreyansh Sanghani, Founder of SKS Enterpprises


Since they are a recruitment firm, they have a number of clients with whom they have regular calls. During a client call, it would affect them a lot due to bad network issues a lot of mobile calls would get dropped and they wouldn't have any record for the same.

Impact of the Problem

Due to the client-servicing model, poor quality of calls and note-taking would lead to a lot of information being missed, which ultimately resulted in a bad impression on client and poor relationship.


SKS Enterpprises Uses Fireflies To Understand Their Clients Better

They now use fireflies for client calls and candidate interview scheduling. They were also able to add a technology aspect in their meetings through this.


Fireflies helps them transcribe all the meetings and they are able to get action items and don't miss important points in their discussions with the clients.

We are able to understand the calls better, thanks to Fireflies.

- Shreyansh Sanghani, Founder of SKS Enterpprises

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