Sarup Banskota, Head of Growth and Marketing at ZEIT discusses how Fireflies helps him save time and give his full attention to their clients during his case study calls.

Sarup Banskota, Head of Growth and Marketing at ZEIT


ZEIT is a company deeply rooted in developer experience. They make Next.js — a versatile framework for React, and ZEIT Now, the easiest way to deploy websites — with a single command, a developer can put their website live and automatically get world-class SSL, CDN, DNS configured for them.

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To learn customers' stories, Sarup gets on a call with their customers and ask them questions. It's critical that he pays complete attention and listen whilst also take notes which can be distracting.

He was looked for ways to eliminate note-taking during his calls. What made it complicated is that he uses 3 computers and he needed a system that will allow him to record calls and take notes regardless of the computer he is using.


Customer case study calls needs undivided attention and it is hard to do that when you also have to take important points that are being discussed. Losing track of conversations are inevitable and Sarup might need to ask his customers to repeat — making them lose their momentum.


Sarup is now able to give his full attention to his customers during his case study calls without worrying that he is going to miss out important details.

Fireflies reliably does the note-taking for me in the form of a recording and transcript, and I can always refer back to it later. It lets me stay 100% present in a meeting without losing any of the details.

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